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This book was born out of a desire to provide real world experience to support the often lonely process of Job Hunting and trying to get what you want in an ever increasing competitive market place. I have created this blog to update customers on developments on this subject and offer insights to the book free of charge via the blog posts available here. It is my hope that my customers will quickly achieve high success rates from this proven approach to Job Hunting, Winning Interviews, and ultimately getting the Job you want.

Please read the articles here if you want to dive into the product and get a feel for its contents. I have designed the book specifically to be a quick and simple read to help you get results fast, I boldly believe that even if you just learn from the formatting /layout of the interview busting CV’s included in the appendices and dont even read the entire book you will significantly increase your chances of getting interviews and beating the competition and the recruiter 10 sec scan test.

The book can be absorbed in approx 2hrs and you will learn the reality of the recruitment process and experiential tips for successful job hunting based on the results I have achieved with clients and in my own career journey.

I don’t know where you are right now in life and career, I suspect you may be faced with a challenge to find work or find a job you enjoy as so many people are unhappy in their work. Whatever your circumstances I authentically want to be a support and help to you on your journey and can offer one to one coaching so mail me at mycoach@inspireahire.com.

Be persistant and determined on this journey and read the dont quit poem in one of the blogs for inspiration as this poem is my mantra for life.

Be proactive and download the book and get started on moving towards the job you want!

Thank you for spending time with me and reading this post.

May you be blessed with achieving what you want to achieve , whatever your definition of success!

Your coach Rich   mycoach@inspireahire.com

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