The Recruitment Reality – Part 1

An Experiential Insight into the Recruitment Industry
So, you have spent time searching for the job or career that turns a light on inside you, and you’re confident that latest application and CV will be a winner. You prepare a CV to the best of your ability and hit the Send button, or maybe even lick a stamp the good, old-fashioned way, and say quietly to yourself, ‘Please, God, let this be the one.’ Whatever the method required for the application, you have actually made progress, and you’re hopeful of a positive result. The days go by, then a couple of weeks, and still you have not heard anything. You go over your application,
wondering why you haven’t received a response, and you eventually muster the courage to ring up the agency or employer, only to hear the classic phrase: ‘Unfortunately, your details did not match our requirements. We will keep your details on file.’ Hanging up the phone, your stomach sinks with the disappointment of rejection. Then begin the self-analysis and internal chatter that may negatively impact your emotional state. Those nearest to you see you’re upset, and you have to announce that you did not even get an interview.
Does this sound familiar?
Believe me, I know this very well, and I’ve spent several years doing what can only be madness, as we have been told that ‘to do the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result’. Until I learned the lessons I will be outlining in the following pages about the reality of the recruitment process.
Sales Drive Behaviour
According to the classic book The Goal by E. Goldratt, the reason most organisations exist is pure and simple: to make a profit! This is their sole purpose – they do nothing more and nothing less. All behaviour within these organisations is driven by sales and profit margins to achieve this goal.
So let’s enter the mind of the recruitment consultant. Having been a recruitment consultant for a couple of years, I have a sound insight into this role and know that having this reality check should increase your chances for success.Imagine that your job security is strongly dependent on achieving sales for the agency and hitting your targets, and success means placing candidates into jobs. That’s also how you achieve your bonus.
How focused would you be?
How much time would you be willing to give candidates who do not make a
serious attempt to communicate their work experience clearly?
What is the underlying goal in the back of the recruiter’s mind?
Reflect on this for a moment and ask yourself what your behaviour would be?
Continued in Part 2.
Your coach Rich

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