Introduction – Words of encouragement

A Welcome and Words of Encouragement


Dear Job Hunter,

Welcome to Inspire a Hire.

You are already a success because you are here for a positive reason!

You might be here because:

– You’re serious about securing the job, career, and lifestyle you want.

– You’re looking for your first job or have been employed in the same company for many years and face redundancy, thinking you would never
need to write a CV or embark on job hunting. The truth is, the job market can be a minefield.

– You’ve not been getting past the recruitment systems that send you those disheartening letters that say, ‘Regrettably, on this occasion you have been unsuccessful’, with no feedback to help you identify how to improve.

– You’re proactive and not a quitter. My guess is you’re also determined to get what you want!

So congratulations!

You’re already ahead of the majority of job hunters who randomly fire off a poorly drafted CV into the electronic ether and wonder why they don’t receive any calls. Whatever your reason for being here now, I want to welcome you to this practical, tested approach to getting interviews and, ultimately, offers for the job you desire.

My mission in the following pages is to teach you the proven approach that has helped me, and others, move jobs and significantly increase earnings relatively quickly, even during an economic recession and in a highly competitive market.

The lessons presented here, if you choose to apply them, will help your CV pass a recruiter’s ten-second-scan test, will emphasise your added value, and will make you someone to take seriously as a potential candidate.

I am going to help you realise what your unique selling point is – and yes, you are unique. There is no other being like you in the universe. So know your uniqueness; it will make you stand out from the crowd. A great thing to know at the start of this e-book journey is that these are simple lessons learned from experience that require only a little logic and creativity to apply.

All I ask is for you to trust what I have learned from my own job-hunting experience and from other job hunters. Apply it, and then let me know your result by emailing your success story to me at

I believe that you have what it takes to add value to any organisation because as Stephen Covey tells us the first habit of highly successful people is to be proactive.

So be proactive and download Inspire A Hire now and get the job you want!

May you be blessed with achieving your unique vision of success, whatever that vision may be.

Well done!

Rich Hobbs, BSc, FMM

Your Job-Hunting Coach

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