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If you are a young or long-term job hunter, someone who has been made redundant after many years of service with one company, a housewife or -husband returning to work, or even the career professional who is on the move, then this book will take you directly to lessons that get results.
Ask yourself, ‘Would I benefit right now from any of the following?’
Actual examples of successful interview-winning CVs
• Knowledge of how to pass a recruiter’s ten-second visual test
• Pre-, during, and post-interview lessons from successful job hunters
• A technique for inspiring the hiring manager with STAR answers
• The truth about the recruitment process
• How to stay employed in a competitive market
If you answered yes to any of the above then, this book is definitely what you
need right now. My goal for Inspire a Hire is to provide a simple and effective
tool that will help job hunters generate interviews and, ultimately, achieve their
desired careers.
In my twenty years’ business experience, some of which were spent as a recruitment consultant reviewing CVs and working in industry, I have successfully beaten the competition for employment within an often depressed

marketplace. I have helped many clients do so as well.
Having been through many changes in my career due to redundancy and my drive to succeed, I have experienced hundreds of interviews and invested time and money working alongside job coaches. This has enabled me to develop genuine job-hunting skills and to assist other job hunters.
The following pages present the essence of my experience from my job-seeking journey and from coaching others in the job-hunting process. This is not a self-development book or a get-rich-quick text but a tool to prevent you from wasting your time and money on products and services that lack my authentic,heart-driven intent.
In the following pages, I will guide you to a winning structure that has, in my job-hunting journey, cost me several hundred pounds to discover and gone through many iterations since I first wrote it down. My goal is to accelerate your learning and take you straight to the best solutions, as any good mentor would do. Teaching you the lessons my clients and I have learned through difficult experience.
This book is about the truth of the recruitment industry, about the essential requirements for making a visual impact with your CV, in a world driven by perceptions.
It is about simple lessons learned from years of career dissatisfaction and change. It is about gaining clarity on what success really means for you, to help you avoid missing the roses on the way.
The Internet is full of free material on CV writing and interview techniques.Free information may give you quick answers, but the methodology presented here, developed from hours of research and consultations with CV experts,provides you with a holistic approach to job hunting and career success.
Somewhere along the road, I believe businesses’ passion for serving the customer has been lost in their desire for profit. Some CV-writing companies will recommend changes to your CV simply to generate a sale. A relatively easy method of beating the competition has become overcomplicated with rules

and beliefs, such as the two-page rule, that simply, in my experience, create an

illusion for the job hunter.

My aim is to provide you with an easy and quick guide, without all the waffle,to standing out from the herd and getting what you want.
It is my hope that Inspire a Hire will help millions of job hunters across the world. The cost of this e-book is a small investment for the knowledge that has helped others develop confidence and see themselves as added value in the marketplace.
Ask yourself right now:
What would I be willing to invest to get the job I really want?
May you be blessed with achieving what you want ?
Your coach Rich mycoach@hotmail.co.uk

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