10 Questions And Answers About CV Writing -Job Hunters or Career Changers – This is for you

Q. Is a good CV really that important?

A. Yes! The CV remains the standard document for informing hiring managers of your skills and experience. If you do not follow simple  guidelines for creating the winning structure you will simply not grab the attention of the recruiter and your details will be discarded. Time taken to really understand your skills and present well your experience is invaluable to at least winning an interview. Most people do not know how to create an interview busting CV and struggle to know their own skills.

Q. What is the 10 Second scan test?

A. Most recruiters are highly experienced and very busy, they simply don’t want to spend lengthy amounts of time absorbing lots of details. When matching a CV to a job spec they simply scan for key words and matching job titles. You may have lots of transferable skills to offer, but the recruiters mostly are looking for a similar or same job title. Most IT systems now scan automatically for key words in the CV so a lot of CVs are filtered by a computer. A good recruiter will scan your CV for a key word match and make a decision in approximately 10 seconds. The layout is critical to this process if you want to encourage the recruiter to look closer , you have to grab their attention. This is all explained within INSPIRE A HIRE…www.inspireahire.com.

Q. Why am I not getting interviews?

A. Simply because your CV is not matching the recruiters job specification, if your sending the same old poorly written CV, then your odds of success are very low. You have to be prepared to customise your CV for each new application and really understand the job specification. On your covering letter write the key requirements of the job specification and then write how your skills and experience meet those requirements matching your skills and experience. Tell them what they require in the role to remind them and make it simple for them by refreshing their memory of the key requirements of the role. Then Tell them specifically why you are a good match?

Q. I find it hard to sell myself in the CV , I don’t know my skills

A. This is often the case with people I coach , but you actually have many skills that a good coach can help you identify. Sometimes what you do in your spare time holds the keys to many skills that you take for granted. Do some research online to review skills summaries , within INSPIRE A HIRE there is a skills summary sheet in the appendices. Learning to identify your skills is a lifelong journey and is very beneficial to capture as it builds confidence. Once you are clear on your skills you can sell yourself better at interview.

Q. What is a profile statement?

A. The profile statement is an opening paragraph that should simply encourage the reader to want to learn more about you. It should be a brief summary of your level of experience , your unique selling points , your key skills, and what your are looking for next in your career. This profile is your sales pitch that makes the recruiter want to buy you. Avoid writing what many people write like, I am a reliable person, trust worthy, and a good time keeper, as these things are to be expected from a good candidate. If you would like help with this then mail me at mycoach@inspireahire.com

Q. Is there a standard layout I can follow?

A. There is not one standard for a CV , however over time it has become common practice to include key information and layout the document in a recognised way, However the order in which you put the information is not set in stone. Through years of experience and many applications I have a winning formula that gets results . Layout and simplicity becomes key to success, using simple language and bulleted experiences makes it more reader friendly for the recruiter. You don’t want to write masses of words as your mission is to help the recruiter do is job easier.

Q. I have just finished my studies and have very little work experience to write on my CV?

A. This is not a problem at all, a good coach can draw upon your life experience and help you identify your skills you’ve learned throughout life, the coach can identify your attitude and approach to problem solving and structure your CV around that to create a good sales document for you. Once you talk to a good coach you will be surprised at what can be identified that employers find valuable.

Q. I have not worked for a long time so employers reject me?

A. Being long term unemployed is a challenge, or being a housewife or house husband returning to work . But it is possible to capture what experience, skills and knowledge you have learned and create and interview winning CV. You are still employable, it is just that you need support to help you identify your qualities that will attract a recruiter to talk to you. There are many reasons why people have not worked but if your attitude is right this is the secret ingredient to getting back on track .

Q. I never know what font style or size to use on my CV?

A. Many people say it should be this or it should be that, the secret is to create clarity and an easy read for the recruiter, remember you need to help them help you. I have learned that ARIEL FONT 11 for the body text gives best clarity and the font style remains clear when photo copied.For your name at the top of the CV be bold and stand out FONT 18 TO 20 ARIEL BOLD and for the headings FONT 12 to 14. There are no hard and fast rules here , this is my experience that gets results , view the interview winning examples in the appendices of INSPIRE A HIRE, and judge for yourself.

Q. Im getting nowhere fast , cant get an interview?

A. There are many reasons for this and the job hunting process can be a lonely experience, however you are already ahead of the game because you are reading this right now! You are proactive and want help. If your sending off the same , poorly written CV at random to any old job without much thought , then I am afraid that your likely to remain disappointed and frustrated. You have to get smart, focused, and target your CV, you may have to write many versions of the document , tailoring it to each new application. This may feel daunting , but when you get into the swing of it you will find that your confidence grows and you actually learn something about yourself. Keep going as you have the first habit of highly successful people which is to be PROACTIVE. Google  THE DONT QUIT PEOM for inspiration right now and read it as I believe this will give you encouragement..

Q.. where can I find help on CV writing and job hunting?

There are many sources of help online and career centres with trained professional in your local area, however I wrote INSPIRE A HIRE to cut through this mind field of information and bring together in a simple document the key ingredients to winning interviews , I have a proven track record of success with my clients and many years of experience in industry. First things first is to read the book as you will feel like I am in the room with you guiding you along, the book only takes 2hrs to read and you can increase your chances tenfold by simply copying the layout of the interview winning CV’s in the appendices, if you do this I am confident your will increase your chances of interview. You can download a copy at www.inspireahire.com or contact me at mycoach@inspireahire.com

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