A welcome from the Director and Author of Inspire A Hire

Welcome to Inspire A Hire “ Successful Job Hunting Strategies For Everyone”

Congratulations!! Your determination to get the job you want has guided you to my site so well done you for being proactive.

Inspire a Hire was born after years of successfully helping job hunters create interview winning CV’s and getting the job they wanted. I decided to turn my approach into a real world experiential book that is Inspire A Hire.

Ask yourself, ‘Would I benefit right now from any of the following?’

  • Actual live examples of successful interview-winning CVs
  • Knowledge of how to pass a recruiter’s ten-second visual test
  • Pre-, during, and post-interview lessons from successful job hunters
  • A technique for inspiring the hiring manager with STAR answers
  • The truth about the recruitment process
  • How to stay employed in a competitive market

If you answered Yes to any of the above then this eBook is for you. You can download the first three chapters FREE here by simply clicking here.

Once you have received your first three chapters I am confident that you will want to download the complete ebook to help you on your job hunt. To be totally honest if you only copy the CV layouts in the appendices you will increase your chances of winning an interview tenfold!! Trust me I know these tips and hints work as I have proven it over years of helping job hunters and my own personal career journey.

Alternatively you can be proactive and download the full ebook right now to get started on creating your interview busting CV and preparing for your interview to get the job you want.


I understand from experience that job hunting can be a lonely process and often quite disappointing , hence I can be your wingman on this journey as I offer one to one job coaching to support you through the process of creating your CV and practice for the interview.

Why not send me you current CV now direct to mycoach@inspireahire.com for a FREE CV HEALTH CHECK so we can see together what you need to do to win the job you really want.

Having a high success rate with my clients is something I am passionate about so let me help you on the journey and demonstrate my gift to you and help you Inspire A Hire.

Whatever you decide to do next I wish you the very best of luck and health on your journey through life.